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The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) establishes specific tax regulations that apply to contractors and subcontractors operating within the construction industry. It outlines the proper handling of payments by contractors and covers a wide range of construction work for buildings. This includes activities such as site preparation, decoration, and refurbishment. 

The CIS ensures compliance with tax obligations and facilitates the smooth operation of construction projects by providing guidelines on payment procedures and reporting requirements. By adhering to the CIS, contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry can navigate the unique tax rules governing their work, promoting transparency and accountability throughout the industry.

Regulation for Contractors

Contractors have certain obligations under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), which include fulfilling requirements such as registering with HMRC, making payments to subcontractors, deducting tax, and submitting monthly statements to confirm these payments.

To comply with the CIS, contractor registration is mandatory if:

You engage subcontractors for construction work

Your business, even if it doesn’t directly perform construction work, has spent over £3 million on construction within 12 months since making the first payment

By fulfilling these registration requirements and meeting your obligations under the CIS, you contribute to the smooth functioning of the construction industry and ensure compliance with tax regulations. 

Registering as a contractor with the CIS allows you to engage subcontractors legally, deduct appropriate taxes, and maintain accurate records of your transactions. Adhering to these obligations helps create transparency and accountability within the industry while supporting the proper management of construction projects.

Regulation for Sub-contractors

As a subcontractor, your primary requirement is to register with HMRC. It is essential to keep HMRC updated about any changes in your business, including address, business name, business partners, and other relevant information.

If you are self-employed, HMRC will enroll you as a subcontractor under the CIS scheme, enabling you to receive payments that are subject to tax deductions. Contractors are obligated to deduct tax at a rate of 20% (or 30% for unverified subcontractors) from the labor portion of your invoices and remit it to HMRC.

By fulfilling your obligation to register with HMRC as a subcontractor and providing accurate business information, you ensure compliance with CIS regulations. Registering under the scheme allows you to receive payments with tax deductions, contributing to the proper management of taxes and supporting the integrity of the construction industry. Keeping HMRC informed about any changes in your business details helps maintain accurate records and facilitates smooth communication between subcontractors and HMRC.

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